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image to bitsy

convert any image to a Bitsy room · By ruin


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a new tool and the future of image to bitsy
so, in regard to the lack of updates for image to bitsy in the last couple of years- I've actually tried about four or five times to refactor or rewrite it, and...
bugfix: palettes no longer breaking
a friend reported that palettes were sometimes breaking after saving a room. I've now deployed a fix for this (and on Image to Bitsy HD as well) as always, let...
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Image to Bitsy HD
Since there has been a lot of interest in Bitsy HD recently, and a few comments asking for Bitsy HD support, I present to you Image to Bitsy HD ! It's a bit bug...
Firefox styling and brief outage
If Image to Bitsy was broken for anyone this evening, my apologies! I was deploying a very small fix (nearest-neighbour image scaling on Mozilla Firefox) and si...
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Bitsy default game data
Hi all, just a small update- the funky game data I previously included with image-to-bitsy has now been replaced with the default Bitsy game data. I've done thi...
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Tile names
When you add a room, any new tiles created will be named "roomname n"- i.e. if you create a room named Bedroom with 5 new tiles, they will be named "Bedroom 1"...
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file uploads and responsive design
you no longer have to copy and paste your game data into image-to-bitsy; you can now upload files via a handy file upload button. no need to worry about how the...
some small but important tweaks
a small change: I've added help text to let users know they can paste their own game data into the tool. I found out that others had assumed they were stuck wit...