I just, uh, felt like making something. this is my life at the moment.

thanks to Adam Le Doux for Bitsy and to Candle for add bitsy audio.

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TagsBitsy, Non violent, Slice Of Life
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InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen


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so good


Gotta say that Fleetwood Mac cover is a bit haunting. This is cute and melancholy, hope you stay well during this odd time


Thanks and I hope you're doing well too! <3


Lovely house! It seems fresh and cozy, including the spider. Orchids are really delicate, I think I could never take care of one haha. I need to know: How many songs did you put in that radio? I've heard 4 so far, and I really liked one of them. Maybe you could post a tracklist for curious people like me? :)

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Thank you! You found them all, there were four songs. :)
Mark & Suzann Farmer - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Ronnie Davis - Money Never Build A Mountain
Junior Byron - Dance to the Music
Orchestre D.O. 7 Shirati Jazz - Kiseru Pts. 1 & 2


Love this so much! New to the platform. Figured out how to move and read some text, but I haven't found the button that will open the door. Pls lmk if anyone can help me head downstairs and explore this rest of this treasure :) 

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sorry! you have to press down while standing at the top of the stairs. maybe I need to remove those doors as they're a bit confusing.

and thank you!!!

I just edited it to make it easier. :)