A variant of Minesweeper in which solved rows disappear. Clicking on a mine will prevent that row from being cleared, and the game is over when every row contains an exploded mine.

Left-click or tap to clear a tile. Right-click or hold to flag a mine. Click or tap a number to clear any non-flagged adjacent tiles.

Don't worry if you haven't played Minesweeper before- there's a tutorial mode to get you started.


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Nicely done. Its very addicting.

thank you!


I just spent way too long playing this. I love it.


...this is probably the greatest Minesweeper variant for us personally that we've ever encountered. There's so much resource management in clearing or not clearing rows and columns and in remembering exactly where the information you have is when the squares that gave it to you disappeared.

Managed a 375 on our first run - gonna have to play this again when we have the brainspace for it, because this was awesome.


Really fun idea!

I'm playing on PC. The instructions say that left click clears a tile and right click flags, but it seems like both left and right click flags? I have to double click to clear.

weird - thanks for letting me know. I've been having trouble with the game too, so maybe changing browser standards have caused it to break. I'll have to look into it soon. :)


The real challenge is seeing if you can build an 8.

I had a lot of fun and have it bookmarked for later. Thanks for making it!