A downloadable desktop program for Windows and Linux

a looping sound player. add your own favourite noises and blend them to create your ideal ambience.


  • block out irritating background noises
  • create a feeling of being in a particular space, e.g. for meditation or roleplaying
  • create a relaxing atmosphere
  • find a comforting mix of sounds to help you drift off to sleep

getting started

add sounds by clicking "manage sounds". a file manager window will appear and you can add/remove sound files here. you can use the provided sound pack (lull-sounds.zip) or choose your own. you will need to restart lull to see your changes.

lull supports mp3, wav, flac and ogg audio files.

to find more sounds I recommend freesound.org!


I will probably redo the UI for the windows version to make it smaller and simpler!

I'm not sure if a Mac port is possible but I hope to look into it at some point.

I aim to add more sounds to the base sound pack too!


if you experience any issues with lull, please let me know! (twitter, email)


made by Max Bradbury (source code available here)

makes use of gtk-rs and rodio

rain under parasol and waterfall by Samuel Strågefors

waves by Florian Reichelt

campfire by sagetyrtle

rain on glass by Benboncan

birdsong by reinsamba 

fireplace by aunrea


lull-linux.zip 502 kB
Version 2 Apr 09, 2021
lull-windows.zip 10 MB
Version 1 Apr 26, 2021
lull-sounds.zip 21 MB
Version 8 Apr 09, 2021

Development log

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