a short (2-5 minute) game about objects, our attachments to them, and the feeling of being burdened by them


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I think what this game could have done to show that the loss of objects was freeing and not a preclude to suicide was emphasize the new future the character wanted, and to keep/appreciate what things added to their life. What if they walked up to their bed and said something like "It might not be the comfiest, but it fits my budget and has been good to me" 

Or when they give up their TEENAGE DREAM, they could say something like "Experiences are more important to me now instead of the crowds chanting my name." Also, the character says should and not want to- so it seems like they don't have the time to do what they love but that someone else is telling them what is better for them. (no internet, or games, or tv, or OLD books, or music)

As someone, who embraced minimalism too quickly- that childhood stuff stung. I traveled a lot as a kid, so my things were one of the few constants in my life and I regret chucking them so rapidly.  Finally, I agree an all-things-are-good speech would be useful.

playing this made me realise why people might think you're preparing to leave this earth when one says they "want to get rid of all this useless stuff and be free".. mixed bag indeed


Lol I feel weird. While some of the statements were sad, but some didn't seem that sad to me? Like a mixed bag.

totally, it's not meant to be just a sad thing. letting go of things can be freeing, and from destruction comes regrowth, etc.


Cool this was short and interesting. Thanks for sharing. 


I like the colors, the sound, and the mood it evokes. However, I think it could have done with a resolution after all the items were collected. In fact, I half expected the character to give up their own life at the very end (I'm no expert at this subject but it seemed like they were preparing for suicide). Ultimately I think this was very interesting though.


Thanks! I wanted the 'end' of the game to be a time to reflect, since there's literally nothing left to do since you've willingly got rid of everything you own. I felt like explicitly stating the character's reasoning to the player would detract from the player coming to their own conclusion. Yours is totally valid, but others might have thought of something else- maybe the character is going off to become a monk? :)


i keep feeling like i'm getting rid of my stuff before i off myself or something, really depressing vibes.

impressive work, that i can feel so much with just three colors, text and a resolution around what i'm guessin' is 128x128!


thanks, now I'm feeling sad :(

Nice game!


This is uplifting in a melancholy way, thank you for sharing it with us.


Hey, nice game! This game would be great for the Bric-A-Brac bitsy jam! https://itch.io/jam/bric-a-brac


This game made me feel really sad, nostalgic for youth.  Making a game that can make me feel so much in one screen is quite an accomplishment.


I love the vibe of this game....really satisfying, yet melancholy. Also I love the coat hanger tiles behind the clothing items, it's a  great detail.