A tool for combining Bitsy games.

Paste your game data into the main and additional inputs, and click mix!

All palettes, rooms, tiles, sprites, items, exits, endings, variables and dialogue will be copied from the additional game to the main game. Tiles will also be deduplicated, to avoid unnecessary extra tiles in your merged game. The resulting merged game will appear in the output box. You can copy and paste this back into Bitsy.

I'm fairly confident that Mixsy won't mangle your game data, but I still recommend taking backups of your games periodically.

Mixsy requires WebAssembly, so if it doesn't work on your web browser I suggest using the native Linux or Windows downloadable versions (if applicable to you) or try bitsy merge instead.


A tool by Max Bradbury

Thanks to Adam Le Doux for Bitsy

Thanks to Freya for the colour palette (I love that watermelon and mint-choc-chip kinda thing)

Thanks to Candle, Sean and everyone in the Bitsy community

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsBitsy, collaboration


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mixsy-windows.zip 8 MB

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is there any way to get this as a tile set to use for other game engines or can I only use bitsy for this art pack?


which art pack / tile set are you referring to?

I'd like to work In game maker, I just need the files as a Png


I think you meant to reply to some kind of asset pack. this is a tool for converting tile sheets to Bitsy

Can you mix 3D Bitsy games?

probably not - I'm not sure if it uses the same game data format. I'll have a look though!

for some reason it was not working...

(2 edits)

which version did you use - web, windows, linux? if web, which browser do you use?

oh i figured it out! XD i forgot to edit!

and, can you make this working for



it should already work! have you tried it?

yea i did, but it didn't really work, i could only see the black background of my game and one color blue of my sword in the game.

but ima try again!

I haven't tried it myself, but I would guess that both games need to have the same number of colours in every palette

Did you figured it out, how to merge multicolor bitsy data with any available tool?
pleaseee :)