a tool for bitsy game maker - convert any image into a room for your bitsy game.

formerly known as image to bitsy.

NOTE: DOES NOT CURRENTLY WORK ON ITCH DESKTOP. use in a web browser instead (for now)

how to use

  • in bitsy, expand the tools dropdown, open the game data window and either download your game data as a file or copy it from the textbox
  • in pixsy, choose load existing bitsy game and load your downloaded .bitsy file or paste in your game data
  • choose an image
  • crop the image if you like and click "next"
  • choose a palette and adjust your settings until it looks right
  • enter a room name if you like and click 'add room'
  • add more images if you like
  • download your modified bitsy game data as a file or copy it from the textbox
  • load back into bitsy and enjoy!


  • sketch a bitsy room on paper and convert it!
  • add the same room multiple times at different brightness settings for a 'fading in/out' effect!
  • make a bitsy selfie!


  • this tool runs entirely in your own browser; your game data and images will not get uploaded anywhere.
  • the source code is available here as well as the issue tracker
  • found a bug? want a new feature? please post in the discussion board or contact me (twitter, email)!

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games made with pixsy

if you use this tool to make a game I'd love to hear about it! ♥

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