a new tool and the future of image to bitsy

so, in regard to the lack of updates for image to bitsy in the last couple of years- I've actually tried about four or five times to refactor or rewrite it, and ran into problems or ran out of steam each time.

since April this year I've been writing a parser library to make it easier for myself (and others?) to create tools for bitsy. I've tested it by importing and exporting a dataset of over 1,500 bitsy games, so I feel confident that it can handle most bitsy games without breaking anything- which feels like a good basis for making all sorts of different tools.

to start with something (fairly) simple, I've created mixsy - a tool for merging bitsy games together. I hope it can be helpful for people to collaborate more easily, or make bigger games, but my main focus was to get some experience with writing a web tool for my new library.

so, hopefully soon I'll make a new version of image to bitsy - easier to use, more responsive, more powerful.

I'm currently furloughed (off work with pay) due to the pandemic, so I have a fair amount of time to work on tools. wish me luck eh?


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Great, you  saved my life some times!!Thank you


this is fantastic news! thank you for your hard work and I cant tell you how many times ive used image to bitsy to save my skin :D


ruin we love you <3

love you too Ducky