import tile sheets into Bitsy games.

this tool requires WebAssembly and will not work in some browsers. this includes the itch.io desktop client at the moment.

issues can be logged here, or you can email me. the source code is available here. if you want to contribute, get in touch!


you will need an image, and optionally, a Bitsy game to add your tiles to. if you want, you can create a new Bitsy game with the desired tiles.


ideally, your image should be monochrome (black and white) but any image should work if the contrast is good. very light or dark images will not work properly. if your image is not monochrome, you may want to convert it manually first for best results.

tilesy assumes your image has a dark background and a light foreground. if this is not the case, please invert the image in a paint program or use the invert option on the tile page.

game data

to add tiles to an existing Bitsy game:

  1. open your game in Bitsy
  2. click the "tools" dropdown
  3. open the "game data" window
  4. either click the "download data" button or copy the game data to your clipboard
  5. in tilesy, either use the file browser to open your game data file, or paste your game data into the text box

do not use an HTML file in place of game data! it is not the same thing and will not parse correctly.


  • use one of the many monochrome tile sheets available on itch.io
  • draw your own tile sheet in your favourite paint program e.g. Aseprite
  • "borrow" tiles from an existing game that uses 8×8 tiles, for example any NES or Gameboy game
  • import an unusual image and see what kind of game you can make with the resulting tiles


to Adam Le Doux for creating Bitsy

to onion, ducky, cecile and anyone else who's shared their opinions on working with images in Bitsy

and to the entire bitsy community!

hall of fame

games made using tilesy

if you've made a game with tilesy I'd love to hear about it and feature it here! ♥

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withRust, bitsy
Tags1bit, Bitsy, image
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


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Do none of your bitsy tools work anymore because it's driving me a little crazy


Thank you for making this. It helped far more then you could think. Without this Jeffory wouldn't have gotten his flies. Jeffory thanks you. :3