some small but important tweaks

a small change: I've added help text to let users know they can paste their own game data into the tool. I found out that others had assumed they were stuck with my terrible default game data, but that was never supposed to be the case! I just hadn't made my tool friendly enough. so, lesson learned: don't assume anyone knows anything about the thing you made!

another small yet big change: the 'create new tiles' slider now defaults to 'always' since that seems to be the main use case (and, let's be honest, the obvious one). I still think there's a lot to be said for letting it use existing tiles at least sometimes (to make the image less noisy, to reduce the sheer number of tiles in your project, etc.) but I can see why most users might just ignore this option.

I hope people might use the 'use existing tiles' function in interesting ways- for example, why not roughly sketch out a room in your paint program of choice, and let image-to-bitsy work its magic and convert your doodle into a room vaguely resembling the rest of your game? the results might not be perfect but it might save you some amount of tedious work!

one more thing: I changed the first default palette slightly since it was a bit clashy. the bird is staying put though!!!

as ever, if anyone has any feedback I'd love to hear it!

kisses, max

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